APF Founder talks about UDS' role in White House's "Zero Trust" Strategy with Christopher Harpur

In the recent interview with Christopher Harpur of Daily Scanner, APF founder and CEO Jun talks about the Federal strategy to move the U.S. Government toward a “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity released by the White House and the role of UDS in the strategy.

He started with the expectations of the strategy for the data pillar, “strategy …. adapts the five pillars by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA). The most important among those is the data pillar which cites:

  • Data categorization and security responses, focusing on tagging and managing access to sensitive documents
  • Audit access to any data encrypted at rest
  • Comprehensive logging and information sharing capabilities ”

Jun continues, “In simple terms, UDS meets all the CISC requirements in a single application that covers the entire environment. After working on UDS for five years, we are happy to see CISC agree on the same approach, although on a much smaller scale than UDS can provide.”

Read the entire interview here to see why and how UDS is the best and the only way to build the data pillar for “Zero Trust”.