UDS-DS Holistically Monitors and Protects Every Data in Every Part of The Enterprise Environment with No Blind Spot

UDS-DS is the first holistic data solution that starts with data discovery, and seamlessly protects data throughout the entire life cycle from the moment the data is created. The result is the enterprise that has no data attack surface anywhere at any time

UDS-DS is the first holistic data solution that integrates all the functions needed to manage and secure all enterprise data efficiently. Many organizations have billions of data and that number continues to grow rapidly every day. Stopping data breach means to know and protect every data. Current solutions are simply too singular to take on the task in such grand scale. The UDS is different that it comes with a holistic design.

UDS’ holistic system finds new data with data discovery and tag data with data classification. It passes every discovered data to quantum-computing safe data protection which creates a unique “vault” to “store” each data safely and seamlessly maintains the protection throughout the entire life cycle from the moment the data is created. Data access is guarded by the intelligent right management that determines the access permission in real-time. The UDS client app enforces the permission and prevents data loss in the event of attacks, even those with compromised credentials or by malicious insiders.

The result is an enterprise environment that has no attack surface for data anywhere at any time, and no chance for a data breach.

In contrast, the current enterprise data protection is like a jigsaw puzzle that is missing many pieces. Without change, data breaches are inevitable.

UDS Is an Enterprise Solution with A Scale to Match

At APF, we fully understand the data pool in today’s enterprise environment is enormous, and the number of data is growing fast as the digital transformation is in full force. Therefore, we designed UDS to be cloud native and elastic so our customers have one less thing to worry about. Our patent-pending technologies break every capacity and performance ceiling that limit other products and allow UDS to serve enterprises of all sizes without compromise the performance. Providing UDS as a SaaS (software as a service), we take care of the details of growing the UDS cloud to match all business needs. Meanwhile, the data life cycle management by UDS, the first of its kind, can effectively remove end-of-life data safely and quickly to reduce cost and exposure.

We achieved the unprecedented scale by focusing on cloud based parallel computing to take advantage of the nearly unlimited horizontal expansion at a reasonable cost provided by modern cloud providers. Wherever possible, we break down the algorithms into pieces that can be executed independently to run them on multiple servers simultaneously; wherever the roadblocks appear, we innovate and create new algorithms to achieve the same or better. Four years later, we have the UDS -DS that can protect and control the access to billions of files by hundreds of thousands of users on hundreds of thousands of devices across the globe in real-time, a scale that has not been reached before.

Data Protection

The first ever  quantum-computing proof, end-to-end encryption solution on a massive scale for all data at anytime on any devices: at rest, in transit and in use

Access Right Management

Encryption is only useful when coupled with the smartest access right management for billions of files accessed by hundreds of thousand of users


Stay compliant with data privacy laws including GDPR,  HIPAA CCPA and NY DFS Cyber Security Regulations, all in one solution

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