Untrusted Data Shield (UDS) by APF Technologies

Untrusted Data Shield (UDS) by APF technologies is a data security service that protects unstructured data including data files, emails, executable files, firmware, configuration files, and dynamically library files from unauthorized access and tempering. What makes UDS different from any other products in the market today is the UDS’ protection follows the data anyway on ant devices at any time without a gap. In other words, the data is being protected 24/7, at rest, and in transit. With UDS, data loss no longer means data breach. The protection is provided by one of the strongest encryption schemes ever engineered. The SaaS-based UDS solution is also built to scale up to protect many billions of files used by hundreds of thousands of users, the only one available today and is suitable for any size of organizations and governments.

Our Goal

Data security is the holy grail of cyber security, because securing the data makes cyberattacks a worthless effort since the perpetrators cannot access the data. Therefore the UDS is the ultimate cyber defense against the sophisticated attacks by the nation-state and large cybercriminal organizations. With UDS, the end of cyberattack is within the reach.

Our customers

Organizations, regardless of their size, that want to fend off future cyberattacks to protect assets and reputations, and to avoid interruption to their business and operation. 

Government agencies that would like to fend off the nation-state sponsored attack that threads the national security.

Companies that operates critical infrastructures who want to fend off future cyberattacks that interrupt or even damage the equipment and services.


There is no end to end file protection service on the market today. There are many products that protect selected files on selected devices. Examples include file encryption provided by Microsoft Office which limits to its own files types, as well as the encryption for the files stored only on cloud storage like One Drive, AWS. Those patched solutions create so called application segmentation and further worsen the talent gap to support those applications. They also create headache to end users who has to be more involved.

UDS is different in the way that it by itself provides complete end to end protection. UDS protect any files regardless of type and location that leaves no time for files to be valuable.  It revolutionize the way the files are being protected, a true interrupter in the cyber security.

Current status

We spend last 5 years and millions to build the UDS and we believe it is ready to serve. We are currently working with businesses all over the world to validate and integrate the UDS into their work flows. At this time we welcome any organizations to join us. For those who are interested, please contact us for a self-guided demo which takes only about 30 minutes, a testament to UDS’ usability. We rewards those who works with us to perfect the UDS with very favorable terms and priority status should they decide to become customer now or later. We also welcome cyber security organizations to try their hands on the UDS and to exploit UDS’ weakness. Rewards will be given to those who succeed in finding defects and weakness attaining to the design of UDS.

Unstructured Data Shield (UDS)

Embedded Shield: protecting the critical infrastructure

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